Compliance Audit Program

The CLG Compliance Audit Program is designed for doctors who have an established chiropractic practice and desire to ensure that he/she is practicing in compliance with all existing state and federal laws, regulations, agency orders, rules and proper business procedures (such as proper use of CPT coding, documentation, credentialing, etc.), including Medicare’s new requirement that all doctors practicing within the Medicare system have some form of compliance program in place. The CLG Compliance Audit Program consists of two separate audits of the chiropractic practice: (1) a legal audit to ensure compliance with all state and federal laws and regulations governing the practice, and (2) a coding/billing audit to analyze the practice’s business and operational procedures, including appropriate use of CPT and ICD-9 codes, proper correlation of examination, diagnosis and treatment plans, sufficiency of supporting documentation, billing and re-billing procedures and use of credentialing in the practice. The coding/billing audit will require an paper actual audit of between 15 to 25 random patient files. Following completion of the audits, an audit report will be prepared and provided to the doctor with findings and suggested revisions (if needed) to your business and legal practice protocols. CLG can also provide doctors with proper clinical procedure forms and a Chiropractic Compliance Manual, upon request.